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Is a Remote Car Starter a Good Idea for Your Vehicle?

Everyone living in the greater Philadelphia area should have a remote car starter. Even if you have a spacious garage, you will benefit from a remote car starter. This technological innovation is perfect for local Philadelphia residents who drive all different types of vehicles from sports cars to sedans, trucks, and sport utility vehicles.

The Convenience You Need During a Philadelphia Winter

Take a moment to consider how convenient it would be to start your vehicle from your kitchen, desk, or inside a store during the winter and summer months. Remote starting your vehicle warms the engine in the winter. Leave your vehicle’s heating system or air conditioner in the on position and remote starting your vehicle while indoors will ensure your ride is the optimal temperature when you are ready to hit the road. 

You can even leave the defroster in the on position so remote starting your car defogs the windshield and back window. This is the convenience and comfort you need during the chilly Philadelphia winters and muggy summers.

A Remote Starter Increases Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

An automobile with a remote starter will have that much higher of a resale value when the time comes to segue to a new ride. Put your vehicle on the market after the installation of a remote starting system and you won’t have any problem selling it. Vehicles with a remote start feature don’t last long in colder parts of the country such as Philadelphia as no one wants to wait any longer than necessary to escape the brutally cold outdoor temperatures after work, class, shopping, etc.

Remote Car Starters are Great for Your Vehicle’s Engine

Spend the little bit of money necessary for a remote car starter and your automobile’s engine will have plenty of time to warm up. As noted above, warming your vehicle prior to the start of a commute or trip improves interior comfort. However, there is also a latent benefit to this approach in that it is good for the engine as well. 

Warming up a vehicle thins out the engine’s oil, preventing it from becoming sludgy and even enhancing fuel efficiency. Use your remote starter on those especially hot and cold days and your engine won’t have to work nearly as hard to get you from point A to point B, ultimately saving you a bundle of money at the gas pump.

Remote Car Starters Make Enhance Safety

Even a minor delay when starting your vehicle has the potential to jeopardize your personal safety. If you find yourself in a dangerous part of Philadelphia, remotely start your car and the doors will remain locked while the engine prepares for your quick transition. You can quickly move from the outside of the vehicle to driving in mere seconds, helping you escape a thorny situation in Philadelphia. The ignition key requires insertion prior to driving, meaning if a criminal breaks into the vehicle while it is warming up and attempts to drive away, the engine will shut off. 

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