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Classic Car Museums Around the World

Many vintage car enthusiasts spend time in classic car museums. They can stroll around and check out cars known for their exceptional design, rare parts, unique stories, and famous owners. It’s easy to get lost among their collections.

There are various museums you can visit to check out the car collections. Here are some must-see recommendations.

The Peterson Automotive Museum 

The Peterson Automotive Museum is a top Los Angeles attraction. It offers various permanent and rotating exhibits. Visit the Vault or check out over 250 international vehicles, including motorcycles, rare cars, and trucks spanning 120 years.

You can enjoy high action at the Forza Motorsport Racing Experience or learn about cars at the Rob and Melani Walton Discovery Center. Temporary exhibits vary and often include famous vehicles, racing cars, cars from various regions and eras, and futuristic cars.

The museum also offers various free auto design courses. Attend events like workshops, movie nights, and Cars and Coffee. You can also rent their venue out for private events. 

Cite de l’Automobile

Also known as the National Museum of the Automobile, the Cite de l’Automobile is a landmark in Mulhouse, France. It houses over 500 vehicles. It showcases vehicles that have become a part of classic car history.

Must-see items at the museum include:

  • The Bugatti Royale 1930
  • Puegot Type 16 1898
  • Bugatti Type 28 1921
  • Delahaye Type 135 M 1949
  • Serpollet Type H 1902

The museum also offers interactive experiences. You can tour the facility on a small electric train while a staff member educates you on the collection. You can get in a rollover car to learn about safety. There is also a go-kart track for children 4 to 8 years old.

Mullin Automotive Museum

The Mullin Automotive Museum is another popular SoCal attraction. Located in Oxnard, CA, it is privately owned and specializes in French automobiles from the Art Décor era. It features an extensive collection of rare vehicles.

The museum hosts various exhibitions. They include miniature car sculptures, furniture exhibitions, cars from the Schlump collection (the museum founders), and historic race cars. The facility also showcases artifacts like car-themed paintings and precious statues and vases.

Other Museums to Check Out 

You may also visit museums all over the world that specialize in specific car types, such as:


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