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Tips for Preparing Your vehicle for the Summer Heat

As the seasons change and the weather becomes warmer and drier, the challenges your car faces on a daily basis also change. You may find that you drive more often in the summer as conditions are fair, but this can also mean a higher chance of breaking down or wear and tear to your vehicle. At JD’s Auto Repair, we’ve got some great tips on how to prepare your car for the summer, so it runs smoothly right through until fall!

Check your tires

Tires should be checked regularly, no matter the season. The summer can be harsh on tires as roads have more grit due to the warmer weather, and tires are more prone to blowouts as the heat makes the rubber expand and thin slightly. It’s a good idea to invest in some summer tires that have a thicker outside rubber shell, but if not, you should ensure they’re inflated correctly for the summer as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Check your fluids

You should check the quantity and quality of the cooling fluid in your vehicle more often during the summer months, especially before long summer drives. This is because the hot summer days mean your car needs to use more coolant to keep the engine from overheating. It’s also important to ensure the oil is changed to “summer grade” oil which is a better viscosity for the warmer temperatures.

Does the aircon work?

The last thing you want is for the first summer heatwave to arrive and to only then find out that the aircon isn’t working! Check it before it gets so warm that you need it. If the air temperature fluctuates when the engine’s RPM increases, or if it’s spluttering out droplets of fluid, it’s time to take it to the shop and get it properly checked – the last thing you want is to spend all summer without functioning aircon!

Belts and tubes

Your tires aren’t the only rubber components on your car – the engine is full of rubber tubes and some belts like the fan belt. The heat can exacerbate already damaged tubes and belts so make sure you give them a thorough check. Any tears, splits, or breakages mean they may need to be replaced – an inexpensive job but one you definitely need to do!

Give the engine a once-over

Your engine’s performance generally doesn’t get too badly affected during the summer months, but it’s important to ensure the engine filters are checked more regularly. Airborne dust and dirt become more common in the summer months, and this runs through your engine. If the filters become clogged, it may end up damaging your engine or affecting how efficiently your vehicle burns fuel – checking and unblocking the filters will ensure your engine stays healthy right through to fall.

Summer is the best time of year for driving your favorite vehicle, but there are some necessary steps you should take to ensure your car stays healthy. At JD’s Auto Repair, we offer full maintenance checks on vehicles of all types, so bring your car to us to make sure it’s ready for the coming summer months!