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5 Essential Classic Car Accessories & Upgrades

For enthusiasts, owning a classic car is a dream. For those able to see that dream come true – whether you purchase a restored vehicle or restore one yourself – you want to take care of your investment. If you’re one of those lucky enthusiasts or if you’re in the process of rebuilding a classic car, we have 5 essential accessories and upgrades you don’t want to forget. 

Engine Upgrades

Owning a classic car comes with one big risk – what if you can’t easily replace an engine part? Car engines have changed a lot over the past several years and miles away from where they were in the mid-twentieth century (the golden era of classic cars). If you plan to drive your classic car, you want to ensure that you can maintain and when necessary, repair your engine. 

Upgrading the engine has another advantage as well: better performance and fuel economy. 

Install or Upgrade the AC

Classic cars have outdated AC systems – if they even have AC at all. Depending on where you live, air conditioning may be essential, so having a good AC system in your vehicle is important. Upgrading the system will give you modern comfort that you can maintain. 

Disc Brakes

What kind of brakes does your classic car have? Vehicles older than 30 years likely have drum brakes. While drum brakes are good for stopping power, they wear out faster than disc brakes and are harder to replace. Most auto parts retailers sell disc brake kits, and they’re relatively easy to install and maintain. 

Seat Cover & Floor Mats

One of the best ways to secure the beauty of your restored classic car’s interior is with seat covers and floor mats. The floor mats will make it easier to keep the floor clean of dirt and debris, while the seat covers will protect your seats (especially older leather seats) from everyday wear and tear. 

A Rearview Camera

A rearview camera is one of the best safety features you can add to your car. The price range can vary, but you can find inexpensive models for under $100, and they are simple to install. The camera will help you avoid potential fender-benders in the parking lot. 

Entertainment System

Your classic car may have a radio that may or may not still work. While some of the classic radios have a charming, nostalgic look to them, it is hard to deny how wonderful modern systems are. Why not upgrade your entertainment system with a CD player or even an MP3 player or a console for your favorite streaming service? If you like the look of your classic car’s original radio, consider refinishing it and turning it into a faceplate for your new system. 

Did We Give You Ideas for Your Classic Car?

You love your car, and she deserves the best. Whether you’re looking for a tune-up, body repair, restoration, or want to take advantage of our Dyno Tuning, contact us today. We’ll help you make the most of your vehicle.

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