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How Old Does a Car Have to Be to Be a Classic?

What makes a classic car, well, a classic car? If you have an older vehicle or are considering purchasing one, you may be asking yourself that question. Defining a class car, however, is more than just its age. So, let’s look at how old a classic car must be, and what it means to be classic. 

How Old Does a Classic Car Have to Be?

The exact age of a classic car can vary by state and by the insurance provider. Yes, part of the classification comes down to state registration, road restrictions, and insurance. It is not just a collector’s classification. Generally, a classic car is between 20 and 40 years old (some consider 25 to be the minimum age of a classic car). Vehicles older than 40 may fall under other classifications, such as Vintage or Historic. 

What Else Makes a Car a Classic Car?

You can have a 30-year-old vehicle and it not be considered a classic car. Consider, though, that we’re in the 2020s now. That means that any vehicle whose model year falls between 1997 and 2002. However, before you beat yourself up for selling your high-school car, consider the other requirements for a car to be considered classic,

  • No engine or body modifications
  • Use restrictions depending on the state
  • Specifications of organizations such as the Classic Car Club of America

The Classic Car Club of America doesn’t define all older cars as being classic. The vehicle must be distinguished in some way or in fine condition. Additionally, most states place restrictions on the road use of classic cars, since they may not meet the safety and emissions specifications of modern vehicles. 

What If I Want to Restore an Older Car?

If you have or are considering purchasing an older vehicle that you’d like to restore to classic status, there are some things to consider,

  • Research with your state to determine requirements and restrictions for classic vehicles 
  • Research the vehicle to ensure that it is truly a classic model and ensure that you can obtain the parts to restore it to its classic status if it has been modified
  • Contact your insurance company to price insurance so that you properly protect yourself and your investment

Show Your Car Some Classic Love

Whether you have a classic or just love your car like it is one, she deserves the best. Whether you’re looking for a tune-up, body repair, restoration, or want to take advantage of our Dyno Tuning, contact us today. We’ll help you make the most of your vehicle.

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