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Common Car Maintenance Myths

A car is an expensive investment. The proper maintenance tips will ensure it withstands the test of time. But there are several care maintenance myths floating around and confusing car owners. Which are best for your vehicle?

This article will address those myths and ensure your car runs at its best.

Roll Down the Window to Save on Gas in the Summer

Gas prices are crazy! Many drivers will roll down their windows in the summer instead of blasting the AC to save on MPGs. However, they may not realize that rolling the window down increases wind resistance, so it takes more fuel for the car to run.

The car will begin using more fuel due to wind resistance at speeds of over 35 MPH. You can save money by rolling down your window when traveling on the streets. But switch to the AC once you hit the highway.

Warm Up Your Car Before Driving in Cold Weather

Some drivers believe they must warm the car before hitting the road in cold temperatures. The truth is, an idling car won’t warm up as quickly as one on the road. The cold start could also wear on the engine.

However, it is wise to maintain moderate speeds when you begin driving in the cold. Go slow to allow the car to acclimate to the temperature before accelerating. 

You Must Change Your Oil Every 3000 Miles

Most car owners think an oil change is necessary every 3000 miles. But many modern cars do not require an oil change for 5,000 or even 10,000 miles. Check your owner’s manual to learn which is best for your vehicle. The manual will also tell you the best oil type to use.

Choose Premium Fuel at the Pump

Premium fuel sounds better than regular fuel. So, should you use it on your car?

The high-end fuel is for race cars that require a specific mix of fuel and air. If you don’t own one of these vehicles, you are probably better off with regular 87-octane gas.  

Different cars have different requirements. Your owner’s manual will tell you the best gas for your vehicle. The information may also be directly on the car next to the fuel cap.

Car Maintenance Myths 2

Gassing Up in the Morning with Save You Money

Gas expands with heat. So will you save money by filling up in the morning? If gas expands as the day heats up, will you have more to drive on?

The gas stored in your car is insulated. It will stay at the same temperature regardless of the temperature outside. An exception may occur on extremely hot days. If temperatures are expected to soar, it may be best to fill up during the morning or evening when it’s cooler outside for safety’s sake.

A Good Mechanic Will Keep Your Car in Top Shape

There are a lot of myths floating around, but everyone agrees a good mechanic will keep your car well-maintained. JD’s Auto Restoration is a recommended choice. We provide services that will get your vehicle running at its best.

Contact us for all your car maintenance, repair, and restoration needs.

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