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The 10 Best American Classic Cars of All Time

While a classic car is defined as being a car usually over 25 years old, we know that not any car can be a classic car. To reach that status it needs something more that just an engine and wheels. It needs style and a connection to our history. Here are 10 of our favorite American classic cars. 

Ford Model T

The classic classic car, the Ford Model T tops our list. Ford revolutionized manufacturing with this car and literally put America on the road. With over 15 million made, it isn’t too difficult for a collector to add this piece of history to their collection. 

Duesenberg J

Beautiful and stylish, the Duesenberg J was one of the most luxurious cars in the world. It is one of the iconic vehicles we think of when we picture automobiles from the 20s and 30s. With its style and smooth curves, it’s no wonder why. 

1932 Ford

Where the Duesenberg J was about luxury, the 1932 Ford was about affordability. These cars were popular through the 30s and World War II and became hand-me-downs later thanks to their durability. 

Cadillac V16

The Cadillac V16 is another icon of the 30s. It gets its name for its engine, 2 V8s set up on a V-block. Only a little more than 4000 were ever made, so this classic car is also a rarity. While Cadillac has tried since, the Cadillac V16 is only one of two cars ever released with their V16 engine. 

Chevrolet Corvette

Debuting in 1953, the Chevrolet Corvette was the first American sports car. With a powerful engine and sleek, stylish body, it’s no wonder it is still a favorite of collectors. 

Chevrolet Tri-Five

What the Duesenberg J was to the 30s, the Chevrolet Tri-Five was to the 50s. With a powerful small-block V8 engine, this model was popular in movies. It is one of the first mid-century cars to be sought after by collectors, and for good reason. It is sleek and stylish – a true classic car. 

Ford Thunderbird

The Ford Thunderbird is another icon of the 1950s. Created as a follow-up to the less successful Vega, the Thunderbird is large and stylish with a sporty flair. It was so successful that the Thunderbird lived on for another 11 generations. 

Ford Mustang

Is this another chance to talk about the wonder, power, and beauty that is the Ford Mustang? Yes, it is. The ultimate Pony Car, the Mustang is compact and powerful, with a V8 engine and sleek, European-like styling. It revolutionized the American auto industry and deserves its place on our classic car list. 

Plymouth Barracuda

Plymouth produced the Barracuda to compete with the Ford Mustang. Its sleek, compact style certainly made it a tough competitor. While later years featured hardtop coupes and convertibles, the ’64 to ’66 run is the heart of this pony car.

Chevy C10 Pickup

Not every classic car is a car. The Chevy C10 Pickup has earned a place on our list for its simple, durable design. It has also earned a place here because of how popular it is as a restoration vehicle. If you’re looking to rebuild a classic, you can rebuild a ’67 to ’72 model relatively inexpensively thanks to a large restoration parts market. 

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