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Obvious Signs You Need to Visit an Auto Repair Shop

Unlike a child who can tell you when something is wrong, cars don’t talk. They do have a language of their own, however, and it can be helpful to learn if you want to know how to make your vehicle last.

Dashboard Lights

Ever noticed the little lights on your dashboard? Some of these are warning signs of problems that you wouldn’t be aware of otherwise. Don’t ignore them. If a dashboard light comes on and does not go out, make an appointment with your auto repair shop for a diagnosis as soon as possible.


When your vehicle stalls, it tries to tell you that something is wrong internally. It could be something like dirty spark plugs or a clogged fuel filter – in any case, heed the warning and have your vehicle serviced before you find yourself in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation.

Difficulty Starting

Your vehicle should start smoothly every time. When it doesn’t, there is a problem worth considering. This could mean that battery maintenance is needed or that it is something more serious.

Increased Fuel Mileage

If you feel like you need to refuel your vehicle as often as you feed your hungry teenager, you don’t have the best fuel mileage, and it’s time to find out why. It could be due to poor tire pressure, but it could also be time for routine maintenance.

Increased fuel mileage

Loud or Spongy Brakes

Your vehicle’s brakes are an important part of helping you stop smoothly and safely. When they make noise or feel soft to the touch, they don’t perform as expected and can put you in a dangerous situation. Take this as a warning sign and schedule a brake service without delay.

Mysterious Sounds

If your car is starting to sound like a haunted house on Halloween, something is wrong. A squeaking noise from under the hood can indicate a worn belt, odd noises when you turn the steering wheel can mean a problem with the power steering, and unusual tire noises can be a sign of imbalance or a failing CV joint.

Shifting Problems

Vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission are supposed to shift gears smoothly and effortlessly. However, when shifting becomes difficult, or if it happens when it isn’t supposed to, it can be a sign that the transmission needs a bit of TLC.

So, there you have it… you’ve started learning the language of your car and the ways it communicates that there is a problem. But that language isn’t everything, and these are just a few signs that your vehicle needs special attention. If you are ever unsure whether service is needed, consult with JD’s auto repair shop.

Whatever the problem, it is essential to use the right product for your vehicle’s needs. At JD’s, we use a wide range of automotive care products to provide you with solutions for all types and classes of cars and their issues. Whether it’s a leak, a puncture, maintenance, or cleaning, our services guarantee the best results. Give us a call: (215) 938-9270 to see how our experts can help you!

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