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Trends in Restoration

ime marches ever forward, and with it, classic car collectors shift gears. Like all hobbies, cultural and social trends impact classic car restoration. New developments emerge while some desires remain the same. 

For many years, we at JD’s Auto Restoration (Huntingdon Valley, PA) center saw people clinging to their memories. They wanted beloved vehicles restored to original condition, but it’s simply not always possible. Inroads are being made in the restoration market for modern-day modifications that don’t look modern. And of course, there’s a new generation of car lovers putting in their ideas and vision.

So what’s happening in restoration trends?

Boomers and Beyond

Baby boomers seem attracted by cars from the 50s and 60s, like the Ford Mustang. It’s not surprising. The Mustang was highly popular in new condition. Now folks wanted to return to the vehicle they adored.

Baby boomers were generally financially sound. So they could look for collector cars with higher price tags. Some turned to European names like Porsche and Ferrari. Many people indulged in more than one car, too. So car shows and auctions blossomed.

Now, we’re moving into Generation X and millennials. Most have no interest in early classics. Some find the 60s vehicles likable. But as with Boomers, these people wanted to bring back the cars from their youth. Think vehicles from the 70s and 80s like Honda Civics to Toyota Supra. Video games popularized Japanese cars.

Old Meets New

The current era of collectors seems more willing to make modifications, like those we do in our restoration shop. In particular, they like the perks modern cars offer, like air conditioning and power windows. Of course, speaking pragmatically, safety features go into place, too.    

Going one step further, some collectors are converting the original engines into a hybrid or fully electric. It’s the “green” way of thinking. So they still have a vehicle that looks classic, while the updates are hidden within. 

Decisions, Decisions

In the past, enthusiasts had a limited amount of parts from which to choose. Thanks to technology, the modern trend from countless manufacturers offers collectors replacement pieces that might not be OEM but look and play the part like a fantastic understudy. Plus, when a modified car needs repairs, it’s much easier to fill the requirements. The rule of using the best quality parts you can afford still applies. 

The Classics Never Really Fade

“Fashion trends” aside, there will always be a place in collecting for the classics. Four doors and wagons are showing signs of increased interest. Never underestimate the allure of luxurious and lanky.

Leaving it to the Professionals

When you visualize auto restoration, you can see a person bent over, tool in hand, and a rag in their back pocket. The current trend is different. Some will do minor parts of the job at home but then take the car into a professional shop to finish the project. How many home hobbyists are genuinely skilled enough to do a paint job, for example? It’s better to recognize your limitations now than to buy a lot of equipment and materials only to get stuck. 

JD’s Auto Restoration Center is here to help you bring your classic back to its former glory. We offer a full line of services from dings and dents to grease and gears, and can help you get your classic back to its former glory. To learn more, call us at (215) 938-9270, email, or fill out our online form. 

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