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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Classic Car Restoration Company

Restoring a classic car is an investment. You’ll spend time and a sizable amount of money to bring new life to an old car. Whether restoring a car for a collection or as a daily driver, you want to ensure the professionals you hire do the job right. Before you commit to a company, here are the question for a classic car restoration company you should ask

Classic Car Restoration Company – What Do You Want from the Work? 

Different restoration shops often have different expertise. Some may specialize in bodywork, while others are experts at engine repair. Even within these specialties, however, you have variation. For example, are you restoring your car to factory specs for a collection, or do you need to upgrade for daily driving? Different shops offer varying expertise here as well. Before you talk to a shop, know what you want from them and your ultimate goals in your restoration. 

Does the Shop’s Goals and Vision Align with Yours?

Most restoration shops aren’t just in business to make money. Yes, making money is always a business goal, but the mechanics and professionals in these shops are here because they love their work. Just as different collectors have goals and visions for their restorations, so do different shops. Talk to them about their outlook on restoration, practices, and even their involvement in the wider community. 

Classic Car Restoration Company – What Is the Shop’s Reputation?

Check out the shop’s reputation among its competitors and peers. Do they get many referrals? Do their competitors respect the work they do? How do other collectors in the community feel about the shop? Ask around, get referrals, and find out what people think about the shop before you commit. You should also consider how long the shop has been in business – a reputable shop will be stable and have years of experience to bring to your restoration.

What Is the Work Culture Like at the Shop?

It needs to be more than the shop has a good reputation or their outlook on restorations is comparable to yours. The environment there should be good as well. Are the professionals who work there happy? Do they enjoy their job, and does the shop owner respect and value their work and expertise? A strong, safe work environment will yield a better and safer restoration for you. 

What Are You Getting for Your Money?

You’re making an investment in the work the shop does for you. The cheapest shop might be good for your pocketbook but not necessarily for your car. Find out what you’re getting for the price. What is their experience? What are they putting into the work? Do they have the connections to get the parts you need? These kinds of questions will help you determine if you’re getting value or if you should look elsewhere. 

Classic Car Restoration Company-What Is Your Gut Telling You?

After you ask all the other questions, ask yourself how you feel about the shop. Maybe it’s a new shop, but how the owner talked about the work showed their knowledge and experience. It could be pricier, but the dedication you see in the team and the enthusiasm they show for restorations make you feel good. Often, we notice conscious and unconscious cues about the people we plan to work with. If you like the answers but feel wrong about the shop, there may be something you saw but need to think about. Make sure you feel good about your choice before you sign the contract.

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