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Is There Space For New Cars At Old Car Shows?

Car shows are a real highlight of the year for any car enthusiast. Seeing all those beautifully restored vehicles from years gone past really can’t be topped, and it’s what keeps many of us going back for more. What’s more, all car shows are different — you never know what gem of a classic someone will turn up with, so it’s worth going just for the fear of missing out! However, there has recently been some controversy about the new boys on the block — the people turning up to shows and exhibiting cars from years not considered “vintage”, with some of them as recent as the 2000s!

The true classics

The 50s, 60s, and 70s produced some of the all-American classics, and for many gearheads, this is what draws them to the shows. For many car enthusiasts, the beauty of seeing all those pristine vintage vehicles is also knowing that their owners have spent hours of hard work to present them for that one day, and of course to enjoy driving them like the day they rolled off the assembly line. There’s something majestic and nostalgic about trying to rediscover that feeling of an experience from times gone by, and this is what drives many enthusiasts to dedicate their spare time to their vehicle.

The new classics

Many traditionalists out there have a problem with car shows that allow in cars that can’t really be called classic, let alone vintage! This is because they often don’t include the long hours and effort put in to restore them to their previous glory, just like the day that they rolled off the assembly line, mainly because many of them have only just rolled off it themselves for the first time! But there is a counter-argument in favor of allowing new cars into car shows — the exposure they give to car shows is what keeps the hobby going.

Car shows are certainly not cheap to put on, and although the classics do draw a crowd, a large proportion of people certainly come to look at the finest vehicles that the modern era has to offer. This, therefore, creates exposure for the hobby and allows us to put on some of the amazing cars shows that we have around the country. Without them, classic car enthusiasts wouldn’t be able to meet as often as they do and certainly not in the numbers that they do. This great American hobby would die a slow death. Whether you like them of not, it’s important to recognize that new cars help bring much-needed revenue into the world of car shows.

Whether you are an enthusiast of classic or modern cars, there is plenty of space in modern car shows for both. If you, like so many other people out there, have a problem with the influx of new cars being exhibited at some car shows in recent years, it’s good to remember that even if you don’t like them, they bring in a good chunk of the cash that pays for the show to be put on. If you have a classic car that needs restoring, or if you would like to have your car serviced by a team of experts, visit JD’s Auto Repair.