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The 5 Best Modern Upgrades for Classic Cars

Classic cars are all about the nostalgia of driving a vehicle that’s the same as the day it rolled off the assembly line. However, vehicles have changed a lot throughout the decades. Many of the features that are now standard in modern cars weren’t even around in the 60s and 70s. In this blog post, we highlight the 5 best modern upgrades for your classic car.

Upgrade the Brakes

How well your vehicle stops is more important than how well it goes. But, when many classic cars rolled off the assembly line, stopping wasn’t really a priority. Classic cars are usually installed with drum brakes which are unreliable and not particularly effective. If you want to increase the safety of your vehicle while also improving the driving experience, install disc breaks.

Install Aircon

Air conditioning is a modern standard. Just think how unpleasant it must have been in the 1960s and 70s, driving around in the summer heat with no aircon! While that stuffy, sweaty feeling is certainly part of the original classic car driving experience, it’s probably the part you could do without. Make your drive more comfortable by installing a modern aircon system in your vehicle. This way, your friends and family will look forward to going for a summer drive in your beautiful classic car!

Engine Replacement

Some classic car owners are real purists who want the driving experience to be exactly as it was during the vehicle’s heyday. However, for those that prefer performance over nostalgia, consider a full engine replacement. With an engine replacement, you can have that modern vehicle experience with that classic car look and feel. Although this may be the costliest upgrade on our list, it will have a dramatic effect on how pleasant it is to drive your favorite car.

Install a Modern Engine Fan

Old engines don’t do well in the heat. In fact, many classic cars are renowned for overheating. Installing a modern engine fan won’t only reduce the risk of you being in a wreck or breaking down due to overheating, it will also reduce the risk of your vehicle being destroyed in a fire. Overheating engines are a major cause of engine fires that can easily destroy your beloved vehicle. Installing a modern engine fan will keep your engine and your whole vehicle safe from danger.

Upgrade the Suspension

Classic car suspension is notoriously poor. With modern road systems requiring better handling, it’s important to have a car that can handle corners without any problem. Upgrading your classic car’s suspension to meet modern standards will make your vehicle more comfortable to drive and make it much safer for you and other road users.

If you’re a classic car owner who wants a change, why not think about making some of these upgrades to your vehicle? If you’d like expert advice or professional help with upgrading your classic car, contact us here at JD’s Auto Repair. Our dedicated team of mechanics has helped hundreds of classic car enthusiasts make upgrades to their vehicles.

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