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When and Why You Should Have a Fuel System Service on Your Vehicle

Everyone knows about the usual routine checks that you should have on your car. Oil changes, engine tuning, and tire inspections are a usual part of owning a vehicle but many people overlook the importance of having their fuel system serviced. In this blog post, we’ll highlight exactly why you should have your vehicle’s fuel system serviced regularly.

How to Spot Problems With Your Vehicle’s Fuel System

Maintaining your fuel system will ensure you don’t develop more serious issues down the line. Signs that you should have your fuel system checked to include engine shuddering, loss of power when driving uphill, slow engine response when pressing on the gas pedal, and poor acceleration. While some of these symptoms can be signs of other issues, they also indicate problems with your vehicle’s fuel system.

The Process of Getting Your Vehicle Serviced

If you notice any of these symptoms when driving, make sure you take your vehicle in for a service. Your vehicle technician will start cleaning your vehicle’s fuel system by carefully going over the whole fuel system to see if there are any visible problems. Next, they will start a four-step process to clean and service your fuel system:

Give the injectors a clean – Fuel injectors get easily clogged which can significantly affect the performance of your vehicle. Restricted fuel supply to your engine will slow it down and make it burn dirty, kicking out more harmful fumes than an engine with unblocked fuel injectors. 

Cleaning the throttle body– The fuel system can be affected by the buildup of varnish. This can make the throttle stick and make it impossible for the throttle to control the amount of air necessary for the engine to perform at its ideal level.

When and Why You Should Have a Fuel System Service on Your Vehicle

Check the valves for varnish buildup – Varnish can also build up in the engine’s valves. This then prevents the valves from making a complete seal, affecting the efficiency of the fuel system.

Swap out the fuel filter – The fuel filter stops impurities going through the engine and building up. If your fuel filter is worn or clogged, it won’t work as effectively as it should do. It will allow impurities into the engine and cause damage that could if allowed to continue, result in irreversible damage.

Use fuel additive – Fuel additive removes moisture from the engine. Your technician will put a fuel additive straight into your fuel tank. This then flows through your fuel system, making it more efficient and more damage resistant. The fuel additive is a vital component to ensure your vehicle’s fuel system stays in good shape.

Fuel system services are an important part of ensuring your vehicle runs effectively and stays free of problems. If you’re looking for experienced professionals to give your vehicle a fuel system service, bring it down to JD’s Auto Repair. Our experienced technicians regularly perform full fuel system services on a variety of vehicles. Their expertise in this area is unparalleled. Give us a call or contact us through our website today!

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