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The Top 8 Classic American Pickup Trucks

We talk a lot about classic cars, but what about trucks? Some of the best trucks ever made have come from the US. Let’s take a look at the classics that helped set standards around the world.

1947 Chevrolet 3100

One can’t look at the Chevrolet 3100 without feeling a deep sense of nostalgia. Its curves and style harken back to the aesthetic of a bygone era. With a strong, reliable 6-cylinder engine, this truck set the standard for its time.

Chevrolet Truck

1945 Dodge Power Wagon

Build on the WC-series Dodge trucks used in World War 2; these tough trucks were America’s first four-wheel-drive. While short on horsepower, the low axle and ultra-strong transmission meant the truck could still haul a decent load over rough terrain.

1956 Ford F-100

Another nostalgia drive, the Ford F-100 is a favorite. It came onto the market with an average engine (the flathead V8 was already 20 years old when the truck came out in 1953). What made it popular was its rugged handsomeness and tough, solid build.

Ford Tulsa

1971/72 Chevrolet C/K Action Line

One look at this truck, and you can just picture the iconic Burt Reynolds in his prime stepping out from behind the wheel. The Chevrolet C/K was a perfect combination of luxury and utility, with a wide load space and plush interior. The ’71 and ’72 models are rare find because Chevrolet overhauled the line in 1973.

973 Dodge D100 Club Cab

The Dodge D100 Club Cab was unique for its day because it didn’t just have a spacious bed. It also had storage space in the cab. Because of the truck’s utility and durability, you can still see them on the road today as work trucks.

1942-1959 NAPCO Chevy and GMC Trucks

The NAPCOs are a rarity on classic truck lists for a couple of reasons. They’re not a production run of Chevy and GMC trucks. Instead, they’re the response to the Dodge Power Wagon. GMC and Chevy, while putting their own four-wheel-drive trucks into production, released NAPCO (Northwest Auto Parts Company) conversion kits to make the GMC and Chevy trucks on the market four-wheel-drive. These NAPCO trucks are now rare collector’s items.

Classic Truck

1992 AM General Hummer H1

Talking about Humvees on a classic car list isn’t an oddity and exception anymore. The early-run (early/mid 90s) AM General Hummer H1s now fall within the youth-range of classic cars. If this military-turned-civilian High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle is on your list of most-loved trucks, you’ll be happy to know they’re classics now.

1963 Jeep Gladiator

Bantam Car Company lacked the production facilities to mass-produce their Jeeps. Meanwhile, the US military needed a vehicle supplier. That led to the quintessential Willy’s Jeep and eventually led to the 1963 release of the Jeep Gladiator and the J-series trucks. With big engines and a lot of power, these swanky trucks are a classic worthy of closing out any list.

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