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What Goes into Full Restoration Services at JD’s Auto Restoration?

So, you have an older vehicle and decide what to do with it. Maybe it’s a vehicle you or your family have owned for years that you realize is (or has become) a classic. Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with an old car that needs restoration work. Let’s look at what goes into a full auto restoration, so you know what to expect.

Restore or Refurbish?

Before any work begins, you should ask yourself an important question. Do you want a full restoration, or do you want to refurbish the vehicle?

Full restoration of a classic vehicle means rebuilding it to meet the original factory specifications. This kind of restoration is ideal if you’re restoring a classic car for collections or shows. Full restorations can also include modern upgrades and safety features, typically for a daily driver.

Refurbishing a car is less intensive than restoration. In refurbishing, you deal with minor cosmetic repairs, not overhauling the entire system. It’s faster and less expensive, but depending on the vehicle’s condition, there may be better options for someone looking to add a classic car to their collection.

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What Goes into a Full Restoration

At JD’s Auto Restoration, we want to ensure your classic car receives all the TLC she deserves. Full restoration services cover the body, engine & mechanical, and interior. That work generally includes,


  • Paint, including stripping, priming, sealing, sanding, and repainting
  • Repair of damage, dents, and rust
  • Welding new metal where needed to fill gaps

Engine & Mechanical

  • Rebuild or repair engine (upgrade for daily drivers)
  • Replace the brake system
  • Upgrade steering & suspension
  • Replace gears & transmission (possible upgrade for daily drivers)
  • Repair or replace all other engine & mechanical systems


  • Replace carpet, stuffing, upholstery, and springs
  • Restore or replace the dashboard
  • Restore or replace door panels, locks, and window function

How Much Does a Full Restoration Cost?

A full restoration is an investment of money and time, but worthwhile for your classic car. The cost and time needed will depend on the extent of work necessary for your restoration. Our experts at JD’s Auto Restoration will provide you with a detailed estimate so you know the cost and timeframe before you decide.

Are You Buying or Restoring a Classic Car in Huntingdon Valley, PA?

If you you’re buying or restoring a classic or want a new paint job for your current vehicle, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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