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Classic Car Maintenance: Tips for Preserving and Caring for Vintage Vehicles

Vintage vehicles need a lot of TLC. They usually require work to get them displayed- and street-ready. You must also preserve them after you get them in shape.

Expert tips ensure your car will look and run its best for years.

Find Original Replacement Parts

Classic cars can break down just like any other car. Replacement parts may be necessary.

Owners should find replacement parts made for their vehicles. If these parts are not available, use a stock replacement part rather than a modern part. The stock part may be pricier, but it will help keep your car’s resale value intact.

Stay on Top of Maintenance

Basic maintenance is essential for any car but crucial for vintage vehicles. Maintenance may be pricey, but it will catch issues before they worsen. And your car will fetch a better resale value if you can provide documentation that shows it was well-cared for.

Basic maintenance includes:

  • Regular oil changes
  • Checkups on the spark plugs, gas filter, air filter, ignition wires, rotor, distributor caps
  • Fluid levels
  • Tire maintenance
  • Battery connections

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Keep the Car Clean

Some car owners slack off on car washes. But they are essential for classic cars. Dirt can damage your car’s paint job and leave you with expensive repair bills.

You don’t have to take your car to a car wash to keep it clean. You can clean it at home using a bucket, soft rag, automotive soap, and a finishing agent. Dry the exterior thoroughly to remove residual soap and prevent watermarks. 

You should also wash out the wheel wells and vacuum and clean your car’s exterior regularly.

Give it a Waxy Shine

Waxing your car will preserve the finish and give it a nice shine.

Keep it Safe

Car owners may want to show off their cars year-round. However, exposure to the elements can cause damage. A garage will offer some protection but is subject to fluctuating temperatures.

Consider storing your car in a long-term storage facility. Some facilities specialize in classic cars. They keep your vehicle in a comfortable climate. They may even provide in-house detailing.

Storage facilities are also very secure. And they are fully insured. You will receive reimbursement if the unthinkable occurs.

Take it for a Spin

Some classic car owners don’t drive their cars often. But if you leave it sitting too long, its seals and rubber can dry up and cause leaks and other issues.

Take your car out for a spin at least once a month for 30 minutes or more. 

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